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center for industrial development
center for industrial development
center for industrial development

The Center for Industrial Development is a research and consulting firm focused on

 the importance of industrial development to human progress and freedom.

We believe that the energy, agriculture, and mining industries create positive economic development for local communities and national governments around the world.


By conducting policy and economic research and consulting with stakeholders, CID seeks to encourage investment and growth in these three key industries:


Reliable, abundant, accessible, and affordable: these are the four most important characteristics of an energy source that can enable development and progress. CID produces research on both conventional and unconventional sources of energy, holistically evaluating their advantages, disadvantages, and potential contributions to economic growth.



Extractive industries provide raw materials for modern technologies while supporting the livelihoods of millions across the globe. CID produces research on the economics of the mineral development and effective mineral governance with the goal of encouraging sustainable development.


Agricultural development is a time-tested tool of economic stimulus for both local communities and national governments. The industry has been fundamentally reshaped by modern technology in ways that provide both benefits and challenges. CID produces research on agricultural economics and policy to encourage efficient and optimal development of agricultural resources at both the local and national scales.


Please visit our research page to read our most recent publications.

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center for industrial development
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