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PRESS RELEASE: CID Launches Website

CID Launches Website

The Center for Industrial Development is a for-profit, non-partisan, think-tank researching the importance of industrial development to human progress and


Feb. 13th, 2017- The Center for Industrial Development is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. will serve as the primary location of all of CID's research publications, blog posts, and more. CID would like to thank its dedicated team of graphic designers, web editors, and marketing directors for their hard work on developing the website. Their work was instrumental in producing a website that reflects CID's values in an accessible and attractive way. CID staff will begin posting research studies and blog posts on this new website in the coming weeks. We welcome our readers to become familair with the site layout in the meantime and to follow us on twitter @CIDThinkTank, on our LinkedIn page, and on Facebook as well.


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