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PRESS RELEASE: CID Hires Environmental Advisor


CID Hires Environmental Advisor

The Center for Industrial Development is a for-profit, non-partisan, think-tank researching the importance of industrial development to human progress and freedom.

July 31st, 2017- The Center for Industrial Development is pleased to announce Sam Becker as its new Environmental Advisor. Mr. Becker will play a key role in ensuring that the environmental impact of CID's target industries is well represented in the work it does. Sam Becker has been a fellow at Oregon Climate and has served both local and state government in the areas of environmental protection and energy efficiency. He brings insight, passion, and energy into his new role at CID and is sure to have an instant impact. CID is committed to environmental protection and does not agree with the false dichotomy of environmental protection or economic development. Through its non-partisan research and with team additions like Mr. Becker, CID will continue to advance ideas and policies that enable progress, development, and freedom.


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