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PRESS RELEASE: CID Launches Consulting Arm


CID Launches Consulting Arm

The Center for Industrial Development is a for-profit, non-partisan, think-tank researching the importance of industrial development to human progress and freedom.

September 18th, 2017- The Center for Industrial Development is excited to announce the launch of its consulting arm, CID Consulting. CID Consulting seeks to leverage CID's experience, insight, and expertise in our target industries to offer stakeholders solutions to their most pressing challenges.

The products to be offered include white papers, policy analyses and blog and social media development services. These products offer stakeholders the highest quality of research in academic form and also in more accessible forms like blog and social media posts. Further, CID Consulting will offer messaging services for key industry stakeholders to help them better communicate the crucial contributions of their industry. CID Consulting will also offer insight on project finance in CID's target industries, including consulting for investing in emerging markets. By offering these service, CID Consulting hopes to enable investment in the energy, mining, and agriculture sectors around the world, with specific focus on emerging markets. For more information on CID Consulting, please contact us directly via our online contact form.


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