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PRESS RELEASE: Successful 2018 LNG Conference Concludes

Successful 2018 LNG Conference Concludes

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June 12th, 2018- The 2018 LNG Conference was a great success, gathering over 80 key stakeholders from the European LNG industry. Attendees included government officials, policymakers, and private companies involved in all stages of the LNG.

The first day of the conference focused on the current state of the global LNG market, with the keynote addresses centering on the need for accessible supply of LNG, but also the intricacies of shifting demand. The prospects of future oversupply and more international trade integration were discussed at length. The audience had the opportunity to hear multiple perspectives on a key question: will LNG play a major role in the energy system of the future?

The second day of the conference expanded on the theme of marine LNG and safe LNG supply chains. Attendees enjoyed the discussion on board the LNG fueled Megastar ferry. After a hands-on experience learning about marine LNG, the day ended with an in-depth examination of the challenges that lie for LNG as a marine fuel and beyond. CID was honored to have participated in the 2018 LNG Conference as a Media Partner and is looking forward to next year’s conference. An in-depth review of the conference along with a discussion of the key themes will be released by CID in the coming weeks.


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