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Preview: 2018 Polish LNG Conference

The second edition of the Polish LNG Conference is days away, and the relevance and excitement of this conference could not be greater! The Center for Industrial Development is proud to be an Honorary Partner for this year’s conference, and we are looking forward to Mateusz Ciasnocha, VP, presenting our perspectives on the future of the Poland-U.S. energy relationship during his keynote address.

In this article we will preview the conference agenda and recap why this conference is the best venue for understanding the Polish LNG sector and its potential. The Many Uses of LNG Skangas, the leading supplier of LNG in the Nordic markets, will begin the first session’s discussion of the Polish energy market. The key theme of this section is that the future development of the European and Polish LNG markets will depend on several sectors, including industrial, marine and the heavy-duty vehicles. To elaborate on the diverse uses for LNG, Marcin Plocharski, representing the energy giant Shell, will discuss the great potential for using LNG as a road fuel in the Polish market. Without an understanding of these segments of the energy value chain, one cannot understand the future of LNG. Thankfully, the Polish LNG Conference has you covered in this respect! Later in the day, this discussion will continue with expert speeches from Ernst & Young, Chart, and Wartsila covering the potential for small-scale LNG, mobile gas systems, and the parallels between LNG on the sea and on land. Poland and the Global Market The second session will begin with CID’s Mateusz Ciasnocha, who will share our perspectives on the Poland-U.S. energy relationship. This keynote could not be timelier: just last week, the U.S. firm Cheniere signed a long-term LNG supply deal with the Polish state energy company, PGNiG. Under the terms of the agreement, PGNiG will receive 0.52 million tonnes of LNG from 2019-2022, and 29 million tonnes in 2023to 2042—a tremendous deal!

Mr. Ciasnocha will discuss U.S. market conditions, the current state of the relationship, and, most importantly, share his thoughts on the key question: is it politics, or is it the market driving the relationship forward? This will certainly be a “can’t miss” speech! Continuing on the theme of Poland’s relationship with the global market, representatives of Baltic Connector and Gaz-System, respectively, will update the audience on new natural gas infrastructure in the region.

LNG as a Market Disruptor? The second day will cover more fundamental questions such as how will global energy market and policy trends affect European LNG adoption, and how will up and coming technological advancements change this? As always, the Conference will have experts on hand to discuss this, including representatives from GIE, NGVA, and Remontowa. The second session of the day will be dedicated to LNG as a fuel for transportation. Volvo, IVECO, and Nauticor will present their thoughts on how LNG could replace diesel for heavy trucks and what barriers remain for LNG’s adaptation as a marine fuel. Looking Forward The conference will conclude with an update on current and planned LNG infrastructure projects in Europe by DNV GL, and an all-star panel discussing how diverse stakeholders can work together.

Ultimately, this is the value of the Polish LNG Conference: getting international experts together with stakeholders to share insights on the future of the Polish LNG market. CID will be there to do just that, and we look forward to seeing you in Warsaw! Stay tuned for our comprehensive review of the event.

To learn more about how CID can help you understand and enter the global LNG market, contact us here.

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