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CID Consulting leverages CID's knowledge and perspective in our target industries to offer stakeholders innovative solutions to their most pressing challenges.

From policy to investment, CID Consulting offers a variety of services including:

Policy Research: 
CID produces policy analyses, assessments, and development plans for both private and governmental stakeholders on an international, national and local level. We specialize in economic development and resource extraction strategies, FDI promotion, and fiscal regimes. Our research is practically tailored to our clients' needs and is designed to provide actionable insight on the energy, mining, and agricultural sectors.    

Communications Services:
Through our communications services, CID helps stakeholders in our target industries effectively communicate the significant impact they have on economic development. Our capabilities include copy editing, custom social media strategies, blog development, and a suite of advertising tools including web design and marketing. Our strategies are focused on measurable ROI and impact. 

Investment Promotion:

CID conducts micro and macroeconomic research on frontier markets to assist clients in finding attractive investment opportunities in our target industries. We combine our policy, economic, and sector expertise with our international network of analysts to deliver unique perspectives that complement our clients' investment strategies. CID also provides capital raising services for entrepreneurs and investment promotion agencies in emerging and frontier markets seeking to market their projects to investors internationally. 


For inquiries regarding our services, please contact us here.

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