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PRESS RELEASE: CID to Publish Series on Gulf States' Sovereign Wealth Funds

CID to Publish Series on Gulf States' Sovereign Wealth Funds

The Center for Industrial Development is a for-profit, non-partisan, think-tank researching the importance of industrial development to human progress and freedom.

Mar. 20th, 2017- The Center for Industrial Development will be publishing a seven part series on the sovereign wealth funds of Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman. The premise of this series will be to explore the use of sovereign wealth funds as tools to create sustained economic development from oil revenues.

Caroline Belmont, the author of the reports, states the following:

"Despite their natural resources, the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council have often failed to live up to their economic potential. These reports explore the primary tool these countries have used to convert oil wealth into consistent long term growth –sovereign wealth funds– and how the implementation and structures of such funds have impacted their effectiveness in achieving economic growth and diversification."

This series will provide important analysis and policy recommendations to encourage sustained economic growth from oil development in the Gulf states and other countries as well.

The first report of this series will be published in the coming weeks. Follow CID on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at @CIDThinkTank to stay up to date with the release of this series and more.


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