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Innovative and Sustainable Finance Edition of the Agrique Africa Investment Summit (#ISF2019)

Luxembourg, (14 +15 May, 2019): Welcome2Africa International, a private sector developmental organization through The Innovative and Sustainable Finance Edition of the Agrique Africa Investment Summit (#ISF2019) aims to convene finance/investment professionals from across the world to explore the challenges, opportunities, experiences with respect to Innovative and Sustainable financing of Africa’s Agricultural Sector.

The #ISF2019 follows on from previous Agri-finance events held in Ghana, London, Nigeria, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. The ISF2019 is designed to be an intimate session that will attract 50+ participants, participants will include: finance/investment professionals from all over the world to discuss and explore the intricacies of innovative and sustainable finance into Africa – with a focus on Agribusiness.

#ISF2019 will host guests from Leading Development Finance Institutions: IFC, CDC, FINNFUND, DFID, Swedfund, DEG, Africa’s leading financial services companies, Banks/Microfinance Institutions, Institutional investors with investment allocations to emerging markets, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Family Offices with interest/focus on emerging markets and senior level aid agencies and foundation representatives focused on private sector development.

Sessions from the 2-day #ISF2019 include:

  • Impact Finance: structuring Blended Finance Funds, for the purpose of financing Africa’s Agribusiness Sector

  • Developing Innovative and Sustainable financing across the upstream and downstream agricultural value chain in Africa

  • The role of loans in financing finance projects linked to wider sustainable and social development

  • The challenges, and opportunities in collaborating with banks, investment funds and NGOs for the purpose of strategic agricultural investments in Africa

  • The need for innovation in order to provide equity funding

  • The role of Microfinances in impact investments

Attendees will get to meet Richard Von Kalmar, SengaBay Capital – Partner, Bode Abikoye, Bank of Agriculture Executive Director, Bertrand Moupfouma, Themis Lex, Partner, Roger Pyle: Fmec group, MP, Wouter Vandersypen of Kampani, Gieljan Beijen, Business Development Manager, ICRA Global – Building Inclusive Value Chains, Katia Görtz and Irene Loder, Senior Project Managers / International Advisory Services, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Other notable speakers include Jacquelyne Yawa, Guinness - Head Agribusiness, Afex’s Regional Director Ayodeji Balogun and Bamidele Owoola, Chief Executive Officer, Welcome2Africa International.

These speakers will give attendees insights on new opportunities in the 2-day workshop on alleviating ground-level obstacles to investment, hence they get adequate information which would be necessary to make informed business/investment decisions.

We advocate for cooperation by inviting agribusinesses, donors, investors to work as part of complex, multi-stakeholder initiatives with government stakeholders and financial institutions, using systems approaches and the tools of collective impact to generate returns while delivering development outcomes in the agribusiness scene.

Welcome2Africa International aims to use the learning outcomes from this workshop to facilitate a much-needed financial revolution in Africa’s agribusiness sector.

For more information about the #ISF2019, visit our website at

To participate kindly call: +2348140424098 or email:

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