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PRESS RELEASE: Join CID at Transport Week 2018!

Transport Week 2018 – the highlights

The eighth edition of Transport Week, one of the most established TSL events in Poland, is drawing near. The conference, set for the 3/6-8/2018, is traditionally packed with a vast range of topics and side-events. We’ve picked out some of the sessions and activities to make it easier to choose what is best suited for you.

It is easy to get lost among all the goodness that is Transport Week. A main event filled to the brim with experts tackling industry-defining issues, a plethora of side-events adding that unique “something” to the whole experience, not to mention the evening networking activities. There’s certainly a lot going on, so here are a couple things worth keeping an eye out for.

DAY I – Pomerania 2030

Before setting out on the waters of mainly international issues, the participants of the Transport Week will get the chance to take a closer look at the issues related to the development of regional transport infrastructure. The debate titled “TSL infrastructure and industry – Pomerania 2030” will paint a picture of the current state of various regional projects linked to the logistics sector. Port, road and rail infrastructure development, inland waterways, road transportation management and optimization, start-ups in the TSL sector – these are just some of the topics to be discussed.

DAY II – focus: port development

Traditionally known as the main day of each Transport Week edition, DAY II of the conference will be all about port development projects in Europe. Ocean Shipping Consultants are going to kick off the day with an overview of the port market forecast, followed by Ince & Co. and a more legal take on port project planning and financing.

After the scene has been set, we’ll delve straight into the projects themselves, presented by representatives from the Ports of Gdynia, Szczecin and Świnoujście and Stockholm.

The always-important financing questions will be pursued during a roundtable discussion, featuring experts from EU’s DG MOVE, ESPO and the EBRD.

DAY III – along the New Silk Road

One can’t ignore the importance and impact of China’s plans for the New Silk Road and their Belt and Road Initiative. There is definitely a lot to gain for European stakeholders and Deloitte will begin DAY III’s discussion with a broad look at most recent Chinese investments, their impact on the industry and possible shifts in cargo flow.

Representatives from PKP CARGO have been invited to share their thoughts on Poland’s role as the rail gateway to the Far East and we are looking forward to GEODIS examining how exactly the CEE logistics sector can tap into the Silk Road’s potential.

Since digitalization is becoming more or less a staple in all discussions related to the TSL sector, experts from Inmarsat have been asked to take us on a plunge into the depths of the Digital Silk Road.

More than a conference

There is naturally much more to the Transport Week than the main days. The event will feature a plethora of side-events, including Namiary Na Morze i Handel’s “Short sea intermodal” conference, RIGP’s seminar dedicated to Polish companies entering the Chinese market as well as a LNG bunkering safety and innovation seminar.

Delegates arriving earlier are also invited to enjoy a sip of wine during DAY I’s evening reception at the Old City Hall in Gdansk and we hope to see all participants during DAY II’s evening cocktail hosted at the Olivia Sky Club, part of the Olivia Business Center.

We hope this release gives you even more reasons to attend this year's event! To register, click here. To contact CID about any of the topics to be discussed, please click here.

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