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PRESS RELEASE: CID To Publish Research on China-Africa Natural Resource Investment

CID To Publish Research on China-Africa Natural Resource Investment

The Center for Industrial Development is a research and consulting firm focused on the importance of industrial development to human progress and freedom.

February 8th, 2018- CID will be publishing a series of reports on Chinese investment in the natural resource sectors of various African countries.

Chinese investment in Africa has been a significant theme in the continent's industrial development over the past decade or so. Today, through efforts like the One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR), Chinese funded projects are present in the energy, mining, and agriculture sectors of many African countries. While on the surface increased investment appears to be a positive development, many are concerned with the lasting impact of these large-scale foreign funded projects. CID is excited to be exploring these themes through an article introducing OBOR investments in natural resources and a comprehensive report assessing the impact of Chinese investments across the continent. Through this research, we aim to address some of the benefits of these investments as well as the long-term concerns.

This research will be published on our website and shared on our social media in the coming weeks. Be sure to follow CID on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to never miss a report. For questions regarding this or other research, please contact us here.


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