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Transport Week Extended Preview: The Future of European Logistics

The 8th edition of Transport Week is upon us, yet there is still time to register for this wide ranging and crucial event on the most important developments in European transport infrastructure. From port developments to the New Silk Road, Transport Week has something for every researcher, investor, or industry practitioner concerned with the future of European logistics, which is key to international economic development. CID is a proud sponsor of this event and in this article, we will preview some of the key discussions that will take place in Gdansk in a few weeks. The Future of Maritime Logistics From vessel technology to ports, Transport Week will feature discussions on the most relevant issues facing the maritime sector today. Industry leaders such as Ocean Shipping Consultants and representatives from Ince & Co. will be present to share their perspectives on the maritime market and maritime regulation, respectively. The Baltic port system is a key link in international supply chains, and the perspectives shared will give the audience an idea of how commodities and consumer goods will best flow through the international economy in the coming years. The Port Perspective The further development of established ports is the first step to unlocking more economic opportunity. The Polish port of Gdynia, for example, will be a chief focus at Transport Week, along with the Ports of Szczecin and Swinoujscie. Each of these ports is crucial to the Trans-European Transport Network, and their expansion will have implications for Poland, Central Europe, and beyond. Who better to discuss the future of these ports than several of their managing directors. Topics will include sustainable development and inter-port cooperation.

Facing the Challenges of Tomorrow Developing these ports, however, will require solutions to existing problems such as cybersecurity and infrastructure finance. Thankfully, Transport Week will have each of those topics covered by industry experts. Cybersecurity, for example, promises to be a hot topic at this year’s conference. The maritime industry is just now coming around to the fact that given 90% of the world’s trade occurs on maritime routes, a cyber-attack could debilitate global commerce. With regards to infrastructure finance, representatives of the EU Commission and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will be present to discuss a key intersection: “where vision meets money.” The round-table discussion will bring together key players from European finance to lay out a vision for how the expansion of the transportation sector will be funded. Hearing their insights will no doubt set the tone for how investors should consider the opportunities in infrastructure investment. LNG Workshop To cater to its diverse audience, Transport Week will give participants the opportunity to partake in a side-event workshop in partnership with the Go LNG Project. This side event, which promises to be popular, will give attendees the opportunity to learn the newest safety guidelines in transporting LNG and discuss the future of LNG as a fuel for various stages of the maritime industry. As we covered at the Polish LNG Forum, Poland plays a central role in the LNG discussion. This workshop will give those who missed the last LNG Forum an opportunity to learn from industry leaders.

Understanding the Chinese Silk Road and Europe Perhaps one of the most important items on the agenda for Transport Week is the Chinese One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR) and its impact on Europe. While OBOR may be associated with Africa, the Chinese government has explicitly acknowledged that the New Silk Road cannot be fully implemented without Poland. The desired route of international trade projects proposed by the initiative lead toward Europe both by land and sea, and go through Poland to reach Berlin and Rotterdam. A map of the new silk road can be found in the image below:

Clearly such a large-scale investment initiative will have wide ranging impacts on the future of European logistics and transport infrastructure. The discussion at Transport Week will include topics such as giving third party operators opportunities to work on these projects, the “digital silk road,” and the multimodal nature of the potential Silk Road, from rail to maritime. These discussions will be led by high ranking government officials, distinguished academics, and business leaders.

More Than a Conference Despite all of these compelling business discussions, Transport Week will be a fun and social event that will give its attendees the opportunity to network and enjoy themselves outside of the meetings. The first evening will feature a reception at the beautiful Olivia Sky Club in Gdansk. Coffee and networking breaks will provide further chances for participants to meet each other and make important business and social connections. CID is excited to be a part of this great event, and we hope to see you there! To register, click here. For more information about the conference, feel free to contact us.

See you in Gdansk!

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