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CID Named Media Partner for LNG USA Summit

CID Named Media Partner for LNG USA Summit

The Center for Industrial Development is a research and consulting firm focused on the energy, mining, and agriculture industries' impact on economic development worldwide.

January 14th, 2019- CID is proud to announce that it will be Media Partner for the 3rd Annual USA LNG Summit hosted in Houston, Texas on February 26th-27th, 2019.

The 3rd LNG USA Summit is designed for top executives in the LNG industry who want to learn about cutting-edge technologies, strategic approaches, and solutions that work. The speaker list includes esteemed professionals and experts from the Americas and all over the world who have executed unique and proven initiatives in the development of various US operations. Along with higher levels of knowledge exchange, the event promotes networking and socializing through informal conversations. It is a perfect platform to expand business horizons in the US and beyond. Key topics will include industry market trends and opportunities, U.S. natural gas markets and pricing, new technology & innovations in LNG infrastructure, Canadian and Alaskan LNG projects as potential main suppliers for Asia, and more!

CID is excited to be participating in this event as part of our commitment to promoting and facilitating the many benefits LNG can have on alleviating energy poverty and serving as a sustainable fuel for years to come.

Click here to learn more about the conference and opportunities to participate. See you in Houston!


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