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Annual Investment Forum 2019 Announces Launch of its Ninth Edition in April

The ninth edition of the Annual Investment Meeting, the world’s leading FDI platform, will be held on 8-10 April at the Dubai World Trade Centre with the theme ‘Mapping the Future of FDI: Enriching World Economies through Digital Globalization’. AIM 2019 is being organized by the UAE Ministry of Economy under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai.

AIM 2019 will focus on the impact of digital globalization and how to draw policies that will create an investment climate. It will also discuss the need to create long-term investment opportunities, in addition to attracting and developing talent and skills from all over the world. It will also take into account how to enrich global economies through digital globalization through exploring possible ways in which technology can help better facilitate in attaining sustainable development goals with the right policy framework.

The global economic event anticipates leaders, government officials, decision makers, businessmen, senior regional and international investors, major international companies, entrepreneurs, leading academics, and delegates from the public and private sectors. Exhibitors and experts from all over the world will also bring the latest developments and information about the economies of the world, as well as the latest strategies and techniques to attract foreign direct investment.

AIM 2019 participants can review investment projects and exchange ideas, or to form partnerships and collaborations by identifying economic trends that are mutually beneficial to both parties. Further at AIM 2019, current economic conditions, investment projects, and identification of capital trends will be discussed and matched with opportunities to attract FDI inflows.

AIM 2019 anticipates over 20,000 attendees and delegation from 150 countries. A number of high-level discussions will take place during the event and other numerous B2B and B2G networking opportunities. Finance and business experts will also share their insights via workshops and lectures which will be attended by entrepreneurs, economic and investment professionals.

HE Engineer Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, UAE Minister of Economy, said, "The Annual Investment Meeting is playing a vital role in supporting the development of the State. It also stands as a global investment platform to keep pace with developments of foreign investments, which have become more open to the Middle East markets and North Africa. AIM works to promote international dialogue concerning the development of investment opportunities and to meet the challenges facing this vital sector, as well as to exchange information on best practices in successful development between the public and private sectors.

AIM 2018

The minister added that the UAE has succeeded in establishing policies to diversify its economy to tap the global markets. It has also encouraged and attracted investments through establishing ease of doing business and the most conducive investment environment, which contributed to the consistency of positive growth rates despite global economic challenges. This has transformed the State as the first destination for FDIs in the region and as a major trading hub.

Al Mansouri further mentioned that, “The global investment scene has witnessed rapid changes over the past years in light of the technological developments and their resulting challenges and investment opportunities. The governments realized the need to keep abreast of these developments through changing policies and developing institutional systems, drafting legislations, developing strategic plans in line with those variables, and in this regard, the UAE is leading the region in taking many of the procedures and legislations needed to create business and investment environment in line with those technological advances and the development of advanced and safe business environment.”

Over the years, AIM was able to impose its presence on the regional and international arenas, as one of the leading investment platforms in the world. It enjoys the international participation of decision makers, senior officials, economic experts, academics, and high-level government leaders. AIM has succeeded in providing the ideal platform for knowledge transfer and exchange, latest information in the field of investment and related issues, exchange of experiences, exploring business and investment opportunities, and signing cooperation agreements and partnerships.

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